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Time Mastery: Unlocking the Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon." This ebook, priced at just $1.99, is your ultimate guide to reclaiming your most precious asset: time. As an entrepreneur, you know the struggle of juggling multiple tasks, endless meetings, and never-ending to-do lists. In this book, we delve deep into the top three strategies to buy back your time and regain control of your schedule.

Discover how to automate repetitive tasks, delegate effectively, and prioritize your workload to free up valuable hours in your day. 

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Your All-in-One Solution for Entrepreneurial Success. Priced at just $297, this comprehensive package equips aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive business world.

First up is the 3pack Course that will show you from Start to Finish how to begin your journey as a Business Owner ! A Dynamic "Foundational Principles of Starting a Business" ebook, your roadmap to launching a successful venture from scratch. From ideation to execution, this guide covers everything you need to know to turn your business dreams into reality, addressing common pain points such as market research, business planning, and legal considerations.

Next, turbocharge your email marketing efforts with our "Email Automation Template." Say goodbye to manual email management and hello to efficient, targeted communication that drives results. This template streamlines your email campaigns, saving you time and effort while maximizing engagement and conversions.


But that's not all – unlock the secrets to building a millionaire-worthy sales funnel with "Millionaire Funnel Secrets." Learn how to attract leads, nurture prospects, and convert them into loyal customers with proven strategies and tactics used by industry experts.

Last but certainly not least, elevate your entrepreneurial mindset with our exclusive class on "Entrepreneurship Mindset." Gain insights into the habits, beliefs, and attitudes that separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest. Cultivate resilience, creativity, and a growth mindset to overcome challenges and thrive in any business environment.

With the "Bizness Launch Pad," you'll have everything you need to start, grow, and scale your business with confidence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your entrepreneurial journey – get your hands on the "Bizness Launch Pad" today for only $297 and take the first step towards building the business of your dreams.

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Introducing the "Bizness BOOMER Your Complete Entrepreneurial Toolkit for Success. Priced at $97, this premium package is designed to equip aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the essential resources needed to launch, grow, and scale their businesses effectively.

Included in the "Bizness Starter Kit" are all the components of the highly acclaimed "Bizness Bundle," providing you with the foundational principles of starting a business, email automation templates, millionaire funnel secrets, and a class on entrepreneurship mindset.

But that's not all – we're taking it to the next level by adding two bonus resources to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey. First up is "The Power of Community" ebook, which explores the transformative impact of building and nurturing a supportive network of peers, mentors, and collaborators. Learn how to leverage the power of community to accelerate your growth, overcome challenges, and achieve your business goals.


Additionally, gain invaluable insights into consumer behavior with our exclusive course on "Identifying Pain Points from a Consumer Perspective." Understand the needs, desires, and frustrations of your target audience to develop products and services that address their most pressing concerns. Discover proven techniques for conducting market research, gathering feedback, and refining your offerings to meet customer expectations effectively.

With the "Bizness Starter Kit," you'll have everything you need to not only launch your business but also cultivate a thriving community of loyal customers and supporters. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your entrepreneurial success – secure your "Bizness Starter Kit" today for $97 and embark on the journey towards building a profitable and sustainable business.

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Bizness In- A-Box $997

Introducing the ultimate entrepreneurial solution: the "Bizness In-A-Box." Priced at $997, this comprehensive package is the complete toolkit for entrepreneurs ready to take their businesses to the next level.

Included in the "Bizness In-A-Box" are all the components of the "Bizness Lauch Pad Starter Kit" and the "Bizness BOOMER," ensuring you have access to the foundational principles of starting a business, email automation templates, millionaire funnel secrets, courses on entrepreneurship mindset and identifying pain points, and "The Power of Community" ebook.

But that's not all – we're enhancing your entrepreneurial arsenal with three additional modules designed to address critical aspects of business management and growth.

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Additional Modules

Module 1

Creating Offers

Gain mastery when creating offers and obtain clear messaging. Learn  the essentials to attracting your ideal clients!   

Module 2


Streamline your operations and maximize efficiency with advanced systems and processes. Discover how to automate repetitive tasks, delegate effectively, and create scalable systems that support your business growth.


Module 3

Facebook Ads

Unlock the power of Facebook advertising to reach your target audience and drive meaningful results for your business. Learn proven strategies for creating compelling ad campaigns, targeting the right audience, and optimizing your ad spend for maximum ROI.

With the "Bizness In-A-Box," you'll have everything you need to build, grow, and scale a successful business from the ground up. Say goodbye to overwhelm and uncertainty – invest in your entrepreneurial success today with the "Bizness In-A-Box" for $997 and unlock the full potential of your business venture.

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Hello everyone,

My name is



I am an entrepreneur and owner of Coping Lab LLC. I left my full time job to pursue entrepreneurship. Where! come from I had to learn and study business on my own. I didn't see other women entrepreneurs as a child. However I saw my mother wear many different hats and take on multiple responsibilities. I watched my mother for years capitalize with the little she had.

I witnessed an example of strength and perseverance in women. I learned my best lessons by watching my mother. I believe that my greatest teacher was my life experiences. We all can aspire to obtain fancy degrees and diplomas, which is a great accomplishment however, your experiences in life are permanently retained One of the most key concepts to building a successful life is understanding that you are enough.


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